Callaway Chrome Soft X Golf Balls ( Dozen)

The ball that changed the ball just got even better, with Callaway's new Chrome Soft X Golf Ball you'll experience ground breaking distance, spin and feel unlike anything else you've ever tried. Re-engineered to be better from the centre outwards, each layer of the new Chrome Soft X has been rigorously tested to improve every aspect of the ball's performance, starting with the Dual Soft Fast Core which has been infused with a revolutionary new material called graphene. Graphene is an alletrope of carbon and is the strongest material ever tested, remarkably being 200 times stronger than steel yet remaining extremely thin, light and flexible. By infusing the outer core with this material, the inner core's volume can be increased by a staggering 80% to promote outstanding levels of ball speeds and low spin from the tee, whilst also retaining the superior soft yet firm feel and penetrating flight synonymous with Chrome Soft X. With this faster and more powerful core, the result is breath taking distance so you can take your long game into a new dimension. Moving outwards, the sub mantle and cover have also experienced significant enhancements, and are designed to offer the tour level spin and control demanded by the worlds best and indeed amateurs alike. Spin separation means that the ultra low spin and power developed within the core isn't translated into the outer layers where high levels of spin and feel are needed the most. With a new molding process at the Callaway ball plant, the new Chrome Soft X features a new seamless HEX aerodynamics cover to offer unmatched precision, stability and consistency on full shots, while the premium urethane layer gives this ball unparalleled shot stopping spin and performance from within 40 yards. Another benefit of this urethane layer is the unmistakably soft click Chrome Soft X feel that tour players globally have grown to love, meaning if you're not playing a new Chrome Soft X or Chrome Soft golf ball from Callaway, you should be.

  • Graphene infused outer core for ultra high strength
  • 80% increase in volume of the Dual Soft Fast Core for exceptional ball speeds and distance
  • Spin separation increases spin and control in short game sector whilst also reducing spin and retaining power in the long game sector
  • New seamless outer cover for much improved aerodynamic precision and consistency
  • HEX dimple pattern with urethane layer cover for unparalleled spin control from within 40 yards