Callaway Golf XR Speed Driver

Fast just got a whole lot faster thanks to Callaway's latest additional to the range, the XR Speed Driver. Delivering exceptional ball speed and incredible forgiveness XR Speed combines Callaway's new X VFT Face, refined Speed Step aerodynamics and the inclusion of a carbon composite crown, to make it the best performing, longest and most forgiving XR line ever.
Callaway's X-Face VFT face architecture is the the very latest evolution of their VFT (variable face thickness) technology, designed and engineered to maximise ball speed across the entire face. X Face VFT is not only the lightest but also the most flexible and hottest face Callaway have ever produced.
Callaway are industry leaders at utilising carbon composite materials to enhance their clubs performance, so the inclusion of a triaxial carbon composite crown into the XR Speed line up was the natural progression for the range. The new crown is 45% lighter vs the XR16 titanium crown, allowing Callaway's engineers to redistribute discretionary weight into the head’s perimeter to significantly increase MOI and forgiveness, helping preserve distance and direction on those off-centre strikes. In addition refined Speed Step technology has been introduced to enhance the XR Speed's aerodynamic efficiency. Improved airflow around the head helps golfers generate faster club head speeds resulting in increased ball speed and distance. 
The Callaway XR Speed Fairway Wood comes as standard with one of the most premium aftermarket shafts available, the Project X HZRDUS shaft delivering mid spin and launch characteristics. If this doesn't suit your game then a huge selection of premium aftermarket shafts is available to choose from.

New X Face VFT - X Face VFT is the very latest evolution of Callaway's VFT (Variable Face Thickness) designed to maximise ball speeds across the entire face. X Face VFT is the latest, most flexible and hottest face Callaway have ever designed.
Carbon Composite Crown - The inclusion of a carbon compostie crown on XR Speed is 45% lighter vs the XR 16 titanium crown, which significantly improves the mass properties and lowers the centre of gravity for improved forgiveness with increased distance.
Refined Speed Step - Refined aerodynamic efficiency with improved airflow over and around the head thanks to the latest Speed Step for faster club head speed. 
Premium Shaft Selection - Callaway offers a wide range of premium aftermarket shafts including the Project X HZRDUS shaft utilised in the Epic Driver.